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Whether you want to build a website from scratch or special customized, with our high technical skills, best designers we will bring a touch of success you’ve been looking for! Being original is one of our values and that is what we want to deliver to you.


Your website and your mobile application reflect on your brand’s
image and your success. Whatever your vision is we will try our best
to present you to the world in the most innovative way possible.
Check out our Web and mobile services that are available.

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Web & Mobile

Applications Development Services

Boraq Group presents to you its services in the following:

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Electronic Store

Setup your E-Store to sell your products effectively and professionally.

Payment Gatway Integration

Payment gateway integration, logistics and shipping integration. Stock management. Integrate your store with ERP to manage all operations effectively.

Custom Tail

We will custom tail the store to fit your products and services with best ECommerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart, Shopify and other platforms.

Build and Connect

Build and connect store mobile app to allow your customers to purchase your products and services from their handsets devices.

Our Clients

The following list of our clients :