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Monster Hunter Family
Block Skull

Are you looking for
hunting Mummies and Witches?

We deliver to you the newest game ever made by Boraq Group!

Monster Hunter Family is where all the members are professional hunters running after different monsters. Here is what happened; there was an alien invasion changed the world once and for all where every creature transformed into a monster and they were the ones who remained safe! Their mission is to kill all monsters that may encounter them.

Monster Hunter Family
Blue Bushes
Monster Hunter Family Game

This game contains different levels along with different themes!

UFO Ship

Aren’t you excited to meet the family?
Here are the Monster Hunter Family members

Green Bushes


  • - He is the grandfather of the family.
  • - His character’s name is inspired from the Greek language.
  • - Character’s name is also inspired from the character’s outfit.
  • - Pappoús seems classy, calm but sneaky at the same time.
  • - The usage of the Laser light to hunt suited his name because it sounds as tricky as him.


  • - She is the grandmother of the family.
  • - Her name is inspired by the character itself.
  • - She is sitting on a wheelchair, and she is the granny too, so the name was inspired by the combination of these two words. - Even though she sits on a wheelchair, Wranny seems to be the most serious character in the game.
  • - Her power is in her weapon and that is her point of strength.


  • - He is the father of the family.
  • - The character’s name is inspired by the game’s title words “monster” and “hunter” combined together.
  • - He is the serious character of the game.


  • - She is the mother of the family."
  • - The character’s name is inspired by the Slovenian language.
  • - She is the happiest looking character but with a double-trouble in her hands.


  • - She is the daughter of the family.
  • - The character’s name is inspired by these two words; daughter and arrow as the weapon she is using.
  • - She is the angriest character, yet she's attentive to her arrow and flashes.
  • - The sound of her name goes accordingly with her character.


  • - He is the son of the family.
  • - The character’s name is inspired by the character’s outfit.
  • - He is a boy, who wears a shirt with a skull design, and the sound of his weapon ‘’TA’’. That is how Boskulta got created.
  • - He is a cold character regardless of his age.
  • - He holds the fastest weapon in his family.

Alien Hunt

Devil Hunt

Mummy Hunt

Scarecrow Hunt

Witch Hunt

Wolfman Hunt

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