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Star Fish

If you love fish and playing games. Live up to the challenge and join us at Fish Canon!

It is a challenging game, simple yet very tricky. It has a 100 levels with funny sounds effects to keep you on board. The aim is to target the same colored group of fish like the one in the canon to keep your aquarium clean in order to get to the next level.

Mobile with Fish Cannon Game
A See Plant
Mobiles With Fish Cannon Game

Fish Cannon is an addictive and casual shooting game. Target as many same-colored, crazy, funny and silly fish as possible to keep your aquarium clean and to unlock new levels. Fish Cannon can entertain you during your spare time. It is also the best game to play with your friend!

  • - Color Matching cannon in the bottom of the aquarium
  • - Almost 100 levels that are full of colorful fish
  • - Casual puzzle game with funny sound effects
  • - Addictive fish bombardment
  • - Can be shared with friends anywhere

Download Fish Cannon now! Invite your friends to spread the fun by shooting crazy and funny fish. Challenge the levels, make high scores and see who can complete more levels.

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