Monkeys Standing on Rocks
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Fruits from Falling Monkeys game Grass

Do you like bouncy Monkeys and smashed fruits? Then, you came to the right game!

Falling Monkeys is a simple, easy and funny game designed for you to enjoy it whenever, wherever you are.
Here is your mission champion; crush the fruits! The concept is simple; Point your Monkeys using the arrow to the fruits in order to gain a new score before your Monkeys bounce back to the top.
Ever wondered about the fruits and what is their effect on your Monkeys? We got you covered!

Mobile With Falling Monkeys Game
Mobiles with Falling Monkeys Game

The key to score higher in this game is to try to crush fruits by touching as many fruits as possible in one drop before they move up to the top.

And hey, do not miss these special fruits


Banana: Increases the number of monkeys in each drop


Pomegranate & Corn: Both work like a nail bomb and help you to burst other fruits with their dispersing seeds.


Mushroom: Beware of this fungus; it will make your monkeys powerless and ineffective

Monkey in A Cage

Cage: This catches all the monkeys, you don’t want to throw your monkeys over it.

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