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Creativity never stops! From Augmented Reality to Gaming, Boraq Group created 4 games so far; Monster Hunter Family, Falling Monkeys, Fish Cannon and Color Ball. They are all fun, exciting to play with and just check them out!

Boraq Falling Monkeys Game in Mobile Layout and Boraq Fish Cannon Game in Tablet Layout

Monster Hunter

Boraq Gaming Monster Hunter Family
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About Monster Hunter Family

Are you looking for hunting Mummies and Witches? We deliver to you the newest game ever made by Boraq Group! Monster Hunter Family is where all the members are professional hunters running after different monsters.

Falling Monkeys

Boraq Gaming Monster Hunter Family
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About Falling Monkeys

Do you like bouncy Monkeys and smashed fruits? ¬ Then, you came to the right game! Falling Monkeys is a simple, easy and a funny game that was designed for you to enjoy it whenever, wherever you are. Here is your mission champion; crush the fruits! The concept is simple; Point your Monkeys using the arrow to the fruits in order to gain a new score before your Monkeys bounce back to the top. Ever wondered about the fruits and what is their effect on your Monkeys? We got you covered!

Fish Cannon

Boraq Gaming Monster Hunter Family
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About Fish Cannon

If you are someone who thrives to live the challenge and loves fish too then welcome to Fish Canon! Fish Canon is a challenging game; simple yet very tricky with 100 levels with funny sounds effects too to keep you on board! The aim is to target the same colored group of fish as the one in the canon to release all the fish and to keep your aquarium clean in order to get to the next level.

Color Ball

Boraq Gaming Monster Hunter Family
  • Casual

  • 3PEGI 3
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About Color Ball

Color Ball is a game where it all can colorful and messy too! The game’s concept is to hit the same group of balls as the shooting ball to make it all free to go! If you cannot hit all your target balls then sadly it is game over for you! Try to catch up before all the group of balls get down or you run out of shooting balls, then it is the end of the game for you!