Why Odoo Consultancy Important

Why Odoo Consultancy Important

March 20, 2021

The role of Odoo functional consultant is not limited to the prior implementation stage, rather it continues during and after the implementation process. In order to have a successful execution of Odoo ERP, it is crucial that you ask for help from a functional Odoo consultant. In this article, we'll mention some of the advantages that seeking consultancy can offer you.

Why Odoo Consultancy Important


The Odoo functional consultancy is highly important for businesses aiming to implement Odoo ERP at their workplace while ignoring having it from techno-functional consultants prevents them from getting the full functionalities of Odoo ERP.

Odoo consultants provide business with great benefits as they find out the mishaps the companies may have, and help them recognize what their business especially need from ERP software. Consultants also work on recording every step of the implementation process. In fact, documenting is essential while implementing each management module.

The role of Odoo functional consultant is not limited to the prior implementation stage, rather it continues during and after the implementation process.  In order to have a successful execution of Odoo ERP, it is crucial that you ask for help from a functional Odoo consultant. In this article, we'll mention some of the advantages that seeking consultancy can offer you.


Value of an Odoo Consultant

Implementing an ERP is not an easy process. It consists of a variety of challenging phases in terms of decision-making and implementation setups. An ERP implementation is a costly and time-consuming process. For example, ERP implementation usually takes about a year to reveal its real power and final outcomes. Many companies don't get the expected results from implementing ERP systems as the software fails to develop the business performance due to the lack of consultancy services. Consequently, the huge investments and low ROIs become negative effects on the ERP implementation.


However, statistics showed that taking the aid of techno-functional consultants can minimize the risk of ERP implementation failures

ERP consultants play a great role in finding out the already existing problems and weaknesses that a business has and then recommend suitable strategies to solve them. Likewise, since Odoo ERP implementation is a complicated process, it requires close supervision and consultancy over every module and any modification that a company may want. Therefore, to ensure having a winning implementation of an Odoo project, you need the best Odoo consultant.

Although Odoo has many modules of its own that direct a business to the basic simple execution of each selected module. However, companies sometimes ask for customization in both each module and each workflow to suit their business in particular. So, in order to successfully achieve the company's objectives, proper planning prior to project execution is needed, and in such a situation, you'll definitely need the help of an experienced consultant team.


So, what are the most attained benefits of Odoo Consultancy Services?

1. Most companies especially startups are not familiar with how to implement the Odoo ERP software. They also may not know what modules to implement and what modules may serve their business better currently as well as when the business grow in the future; therefore, to get the full benefits of the Odoo ERP system, the Odoo consultancy service is needed as it can guide the company in defining the business processes alongside planning the implementation of Odoo.

2. The Odoo consultancy service helps the business enterprises in gaining a thorough knowledge of the benefits and bad effects that the program may have on their specific departments. The professional functional and technical Odoo consultant aids in determining what to keep and what to discard in their new workflow activities.

3. The business must document in detail the working steps of each process. This can only be accomplished by the assistance of an Odoo ERP consultant.

4. Odoo consulting service will also help you grasp and design the actual prospects and opportunities in the ERP project, as well as the timelines for going live.


5. If you have any complications in the workflow, personalization, and incorporation levels. You need to address these complications before starting with the project. Again Odoo consultancy service can extend a hand by suggesting ideas to efficiently solve these issues.

6. Through the help of Odoo consultancy services, you will acquire the requisite information about timelines and personalization criteria. This move would reduce the probability of project failure.

7. And most importantly certified Odoo consultancy service providers get you with qualitative and reliable services. Such services can not be guaranteed by any freelancer.


Extra Advantages that Boraq Group Offers:

Boraq Group provides you with end-to-end Odoo implementation services in addition to the best consultation on workflows and integrations. Boraq Group offers the perfect mix of functional, technical, project management needed for the Odoo implementation process. Our highly competent teams at Boraq Group have all the required skills to professionally implement Odoo consultancy in various industry fields such as trade, manufacture, accounts, sales, purchase, e-Commerce, and many more.


Exclusive Benefits from Boraq Group's Odoo Consultants

1. Rough price estimate

2. Timeline of the project

3. Identifying each department and its customers

4. Helping to lessen the risk while implementation

5. Guidance in simplifying the understanding of the ROI subsequent to the implementing process.

6. Thorough documentation of the organizational hierarchy and workflow.


Get the best Guidance and Partnership with the Odoo Consultancy Provider

 If you seek to get all the above-mentioned benefits, you can count on Boraq Group. Boraq Group provides you with end to end Odoo implementing pack with the first-class consultancy service about the workflow and incorporation stages. Boraq Group is a certified Odoo partner and has a great deal of experience in Odoo implementation, Odoo customization, Odoo Integration, and Odoo support. Our team of techno-functional consultants will provide you with all help you need. You can contact us at info@boraq-group.com


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