Why CRM Software important for Your Business?

Why CRM Software important for Your Business?

July 12, 2021

What is CRM? What benefits can it bring to businesses? CRM helps in bringing more potential clients by keeping track of the latest business trends and implementing the right strategies for keeping the current customers and attracting new ones.

Why CRM Software important for Your Business? 

What is CRM? What benefits can it bring to businesses? Are businesses familiar with the importance of CRM? Although (Customer Relationship Management) is tremendously useful to business, many businesses are ignorant of these advantages or simply ignore utilizing the CRM software because they consider it costly software.    

CRM helps in bringing more potential clients by keeping track of the latest business trends and implementation of right strategies for keeping the current customers and attracting new ones.  

So, when is the time to adopt CRM software at your workplace and give up traditional ways of attracting clients? Of course, there must be some indications that trigger the red light and signify that you need the help of CRM software at your workplace. In this article, I'll list some of these signs, and how will CRM help find a solution to them.


1. When your Microsoft Excel holds back your capabilities.

Although you and your employees may be accustomed to the manual filling of data, you must by now be aware that this is a waste of time and you're causing your employees to be bored and weary, which will badly affect your business over time. Implementing CRM software, with the automation it offers will comfort you from filling or getting the data manually. This will by far save your wasted time, and relieve your employees making your business by that more productive and competitive as it corresponds to the automation of marketing, sales, and other client support services. 


2. When your business lacks a unified database for client information. 

Lacking a unified database is a troublesome issue in any business, as in this case you'll store your clients' info in various locations together such as Excel sheets, Google drive, and separate files. As a result, your employees will have to work harder each time they need to look for or fetch the wanted data about a client searching in many files and documents.

On the other hand, using a CRM can give you a comprehensive overview of your customers' information. The unified database CRM provides, can easily provide you with customer information such as customer contact data, insights into their most recent collaboration, a brief about earlier meetings, and more in one click. In addition, it enables the sales department of your organization to maintain a connection with their potential customers and evade them from losing any past information through a central database framework.


3. You manage every one of the clients similarly. 

Managing all your clients similarly has become a part of the past. Following a similar marketing strategy or promotional content for both old and new clients is a great mistake. Nowadays and with the new marketing approach, each client must be dealt differently according to their special needs and private requests. CRM helps you by classifying the clients according to requirements, preferences, socioeconomic, and then sending them personalized pamphlets, offering details about new offers, limits, different updates, and more. This leads to better communication with clients and keeping them happy, satisfied, and loyal in the long run.  


4. When You Have Poor Sales and Marketing Team Coordination

In order to bring better results for your business, it is vital for the deals and promotion team to work in a close connection. Using CRM enables the marketing and sales department to get continuous access to customer profiles and information. Once the marketing department finds new leads, it can real-time pass them to the sales team via a centralized database framework. From there on, the company group will follow up on the leads and turn them into ongoing customers. So, a coordinated sales-marketing team will deliver incredible stuff for your company.


5. When your analytics tool turn isn’t sufficient and satisfactory

Are you well aware of the changing trends of the market? Are you totally able to manage customer requests? Do you know the market development procedures? If no, then you should definitely have a CRM to help you conveniently follow the above-mentioned procedures.

If the company couldn't achieve its targets on time, then you need to check your staff's performance and make reports about it. Having a convenient CRM at your workplace offers you graphic and accurate representations of all company acts and procedures. The unified details from these studies will allow you to concentrate on the anticipated activities to come.


6. When staff turnover constitutes an additional burden.

Going back to the starting point every now and then is really annoying. Whenever a member of your staff decides to leave work, hiring new employees betweenwhiles and giving them the proper training becomes a must. However, this has a bad effect on any business due to the lost data every time an employee quits work.

In this case, CRM software relieves your business from such a problem by storing all the vital business info in a centralized database, thus, you won't have to waste your time and money in preparing new workers to keep information discreet, and new employees will be able to find any information easily starting from day one.


7. When you are losing your customers.

Making your consumers feel they are a priority is essential to the success of any business. In addition, for a company, losing customers to rivals is an unenviable position. Therefore, Getting a CRM app at your company helps you to proactively comply with customer requests. It stores all the details on the opportunities, leads, and loyal customers. You may also integrate CRM with social media to get real-time reviews from consumers on the products or services you provide. This will greatly enhance your management and services


8. When the business is expanding

Once you are on the right track and set up your goals clearly and thoughtfully, then your business is definitely soon to start growing. And with this expansion comes more work to do and responsibilities to think about.  Therefore, shifting to an efficient and robotized CRM framework can handsomely assist you. It will open new doors for your business. CRM program, being a powerful, self-reliant platform, offers your business all the vital resources to manage and track various business types.


Odoo CRM 

Odoo CRM is one of the best CRM business frameworks in the market. It allows you to effectively manage customers' business. It contains all the wished-for features like a modern user interface with powerful lead nurturing protocols, pipeline management, the customer addressing book, efficient communication channels, better reporting and analysis tools.

Moreover, Odoo CRM can be integrated with social media which greatly helps in discovering new clients and engaging with them. Since a lot of potential clients maintain profiles on social platforms, CRM integration with varied social media platforms can bring in great deals to the business, making it the most successful software and most sought after in the ERP industry.

With Odoo CRM, being cloud-based software and customizable open-source, you can rest from entering the data manually and enables access to the most recent data whenever wherever you or your team is, which in turn greatly facilitates the work processes.


If you consider implementing a CRM at your business, we – Boraq Group _ can happily do it for you.  Boraq Group has long years of experience in all Odoo ERP modules such as CRM, Manufacturing, Accounting and Purchase, Sales, Warehouse Management, E-commerce, and Website. Our highly skilled teams of developers and consultants will provide you with the CRM that especially fits your business needs. You can contact us at info@boraq-group.com.

Don't hesitate. Go for it.


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