What's new in Odoo 13

What's new in Odoo 13

January 02, 2020

Running a business in such a competitive market we have today is a hard task. To give you a hand, Odoo has come as a revolutionary solution for businesses. The latest version of Odoo 13 was released on October 4th, 2019 with a comprehensive list of new features, developed UI, and functionality for the users. Let's have a look together

What's new in Odoo 13

Running a business in such a competitive market we have today is a hard task. To give you a hand, Odoo has come as a revolutionary solution for businesses. The latest version of Odoo 13 was released on October 4th, 2019 with a comprehensive list of new features, developed UI, and functionality for the users. Let's have a look together:


Sales Coupons and Promotion Module

To improve business sales and profits, promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs are essential. Therefore, Odoo 13 added a new feature to enhance sales: ‘Sales Coupons and Promotion Module’ which is available in Odoo Community edition. This module helps us to integrate coupon mechanisms in the sale order.

Sales coupon: Sales coupon helps you define various coupon rules, generate coupons, and send coupons to customers. This is how coupons work;


Sales-Products-coupon programs

Odoo 13 sales coupons have two sub-modules

1. Sales Coupons

2. Sales Coupons Delivery

Promotion programs: This sub-module helps the users to create a promotion for their products based on their on-time needs having the targeted clients in regard. This is how the promotion program works:


Sales-products-promotion programs

MRP Subcontracting

MRP subcontracting for BOM is a new feature in Odoo v13. Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a production planning, scheduling, and inventory control system used to manage manufacturing processes. You can select the option MRP subcontracting under the Bill of Material.

Manufacturing app->Configuration->settings and tick the box Subcontracting


Skill Management Module

Skill Management Module helps to utilize employees' skills most properly and thus improving employees' productivity. The business organization can handle capabilities strategies from a single place. A good skill management module assists in

* selecting employees

* Preparing them to suit the job in the organization

* Managing employeesCVs

* Conducting training sessions


For activating Skill Management:

Go to Employee-Select an employee-Go to the Skills tab to enter their skills and levels


Website Form Builder

Website Form Builder has now in the new version become a part of Odoo Community version.  While in the previous version, this module was only available under the Odoo Enterprise edition. This module allows us to;

* Create various website forms

* collect clients' data

To activate Website Form Builder;

Go to Apps-Search for Form-Install the Form Builder-Go to the Website option on the left corner-Select Edit


Product Videos on Website

Product Videos on Website is a new feature in Odoo v13 for adding product videos to the product pages on the Odoo website. The most important benefit of this feature is that the product information improves the product's rate on the concerned website.


Adding Product videos on the website helps in;

* increasing confidence in buying decisions.

* Promote the purchasing experience of your customers.



Inventory Forecast 

This feature provides inventory forecasting by a line chart which represents the quantity vs time for different products. By analyzing the chart we can see the quantity for these products at any given date and can get an idea about the incoming and outgoing stock.



Additional Widgets

Some additional widgets had been introduced in Odoo v13. They are the following;


This feature enables users to easily collect the status of the invoice


By using this widget, one can easily draw the signature.


The calculator widget is new in Odoo v13. This feature works for Order lines on the Sales Order, Invoices, Purchase order, etc.


New 'Buy Now Button' in E-Commerce

The new feature ‘Buy now button’ available now in Odoo v13 leads you straight from the product page to the checkout page along with the product in the cart. Now the ‘Buy Now’ button appears next to the product as an icon.



Accounting with Odoo has become easier for its users with the addition of;

* Invoice in bulk

* Reconcile receivables as well as payables

* Close periodical tax with close dates. All these features have great benefits as they make business owners well use their time and resources alongside they can properly be aware of their day-to-day accounting status.


More great features of Odoo v13 to look at;

·        Search panel in Kanban and List view

This new feature in Odoo v13 comes under the Employee Module. The Search Panel can be seen as the ‘Company’ and ‘Department’ which make looking for employees info far easier.

·        Time Off

The leave management module is the Time-Off Module in Odoo 13 is indispensable in any business organization. This module facilitates the HR team's work. Time Off Module gives each employee the ability to create their own leave request which further may be rejected or approved by the manager.

·        Partner Map View

 Using Partner Map View, we can easily locate the address of partners. Partner Map View is applicable for Odoo 13 enterprise edition.


·        New Referral App In Odoo13

Referral App is a new feature in Odoo 13 Enterprise edition. It helps to get more resumes, seek out the best talent and build a good business atmosphere. This feature allows your employees to share their job position and refer to their friends. The referral app works like a game where the staff can gain points by completing their reports. And every stage of the recruitment process gives more points.


·        Field Service Management in Odoo13

Odoo has introduced a new app Field Service Management in version 13.  In Odoo 13 now users who work offsite can manage their work wherever they are. Thus, FMS is a system designed to keep track of various segments in the field operations.


·        Send SMS Directly from Leads and Opportunities in CRM

Send SMS Directly from Leads and Opportunities in CRM is a new feature in Odoo v13. SMS significant in marketing and has a broader effect compared to emails. These features greatly facilitate the marketing team's work.


·        New Rental App in Odoo 13

Odoo as always targets any growing business in the market and designs creative ways to make it easier. Since the Rental Market is growing with time, Odoo added Rental Management App in Odoo 13. When using it, one can effortlessly manage the deliverable and non-deliverable items like a hotel room, conference rooms, etc. Effortlessly, the application can easily manage the Rental Schemes, Rental Order, Rental Products, Rental Contacts, Incoming and Outgoing delivery, receiving payments; needless to say all from one integrated App.


·        Odoo 13 Helpdesk Management

Odoo 13 version had added new features to the helpdesk. So, now one can produce a credit note, return the order or create a coupon and generate a repair order directly from the helpdesk itself.

·        E-Learning App in Odoo 13

In the previous version, e-learning was provided as Slides Module which is rebuilt as an eLearning module with the release of Odoo version 13. This module allows creating courses and permitting the visitors to join and complete their course according to tools configured while creating the course.

·        Lots/serial Number in the Invoice Print Report

In the new version of Odoo, we can see the lots or the serial number of the product separately in the invoice print report. While, in previous versions of Odoo, in the invoice print report of the sale order, we only used to get the information about the sale order lines in the invoice print report.


In short, when using implementing Odoo, you need not worry that software may become outdated after a while. Odoo developers work day and night developing Odoo and constantly adding new features to make Odoo better business software as well as keep its users happy.


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