Avoid These Mistakes in E-Commerce Business

Avoid These Mistakes in E-Commerce Business

March 23, 2021

The e-market is having new e-commerce websites every day, so to keep up with the fiercely competitive market; each website is updating with attractive designs and new promotional techniques every once and a while. However, no matter how hard one worked on their E-commerce site, success may not be on their side.

Avoid These Mistakes in E-Commerce Business


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Today has become the age of e-commerce. Online shopping has greatly flourished especially after the COVID health situation and the lockdown imposed in many countries around the world. Acknowledging such a situation, many companies and businessmen have gone with the trend and started investing in the e-commerce business

As a result, the e-market is having new e-commerce websites every day, so to keep up with the fiercely competitive market; each website is updating with attractive designs and new promotional techniques every once and a while. However, no matter how hard one worked on their E-commerce site, success may not be on their side.

On one hand, the freshly started websites may struggle to survive against the already big websites, as the letters have more experience in the sales and marketing strategies. On the other hand, even the already existed websites which have been long in the E-commerce business may witness some setbacks and fail to make sufficient profits that they anticipated. 

Those listed with high profit-making last year are recorded with a great loss this year. In short, in the E-commerce business, there are no consistent success rates

So, where the problem lies, and what the mistakes mostly made by E-commerce businesses are, you need to be aware of these points if you're considering starting an E-commerce store


Mistakes in E-Commerce Business:

1. Poor Design

The first impression is the last impression. The impression you give to your customer when visiting your E-commerce website is the key to the success or failure of your business. Therefore, an appealing, attractive design makes your website visitors feel better and your business great. 

On the other hand, if you let years pass while keeping your website as it was, you won't get much out of it afterward. The website architecture and material design are in a constant fast move and need to follow the speed if wish to continue having a successful e-commerce business

You also need to bear in mind you are not running only in a race with time and development but also with the other competitors in the same field, so to stand apart from your counterparts, you need a remarkable website architecture with an advanced touch. Once your intended targeted customers love the website design, they will be tempted to look at your website each day. 


The website must also be mobile-friendly to make it reachable everywhere and at any time. Also, you need to make user friendly as your customer will be from various age and literation groups. In other words, the website should be kept very light, informative, and appealing. Remember, overwhelming the website with heavy pictures and videos that take time to load prompts visitors to leave the site.

Using the Odoo website builder, businessmen can quickly and reliably create amazing websites.  The pre-made fully customizable building blocks make it effortless for web designers to create websites that are attractive, appealing, and responsive. With SEO integration, Odoo's website builder becomes even more effective in targeting a particular audience and supplying visitors with the knowledge they need.


2. Wrong Checkout process

The checkout procedure has a great role in your E-commerce business success. No one likes to get stuck in the checkout process. People love to finish their buying fast in a single click. Therefore, keep the checkout procedures minimal by asking only for the most basic information. Make use of social sign-ups on every possible occasion to help your customers purchase goods in a click. 


3. Insufficient Shipping methods

Shipping is also another important aspect that influences customer retention and new customer acquisition. Correct shipping creates confidence between consumers and the e-commerce website. The following are examples of shipping mistakes that are commonly found on e-commerce websites:

Insufficient delivery options

Wrong packaging

> Poor product return management

> Lack of integration between website and inventory

Offering a variety of delivery options can attract customers and help them a lot. In addition, the right packaging and easy product return give customers a sense of comfort that they are not getting deceived. Proper yet right delivery strategies will also serve to increase the purchase's Average Order Value.

Odoo E-commerce can deal with a variety of delivery choices. Odoo delivery is integrated with DHL, FedEx, Temando, UPS, USPS, and many others. Also, Odoo frees you from dealing with the transportation company, the cost, and the destination. Even integration with outside shippers to compute the genuine cost and packaging is made accessible with Odoo E-commerce. 

4. No Sufficient Payment Methods

Not all customers use or prefer the same payment method. Customers' payment options and priorities can vary depending on their knowledge and experience. Websites that rely on using a single payment system, such as Paypal, are more likely to lose clients that prefer other payment gateways. Even there can be customers who prefer Cash on Delivery options in their shopping. In this case, the absence of different payment options can have a negative effect on the website leading to losing a large number of customers. 


Odoo comes fully integrated with different payment gateways. Odoo E-commerce allows customers to pay with Paypal, Ogone, Adyen, Buckaroo, Authorize.net, SIPS Wordline, and many others. Apart from the default options, one can also create new payment methods in Odoo, offering great flexibility to the customers. 

5. Improper Product Pricing

The price of products also plays a great role in attracting customers to buy the products. Your product prices should be reasonable and be set in the light of competitive websites. Therefore, before setting the products' prices always do market research. A competitive price review can often assist the website in evaluating the correct price. Raising the prices of products without checking the market needs and the rivals' prices can reduce your clients.

While setting a low price tempts customers to buy your products even if your website does not offer a variety of shipping options or payment gateways. 


6. Poor Quality of Product Image

Displaying the products' images is an art in itself. The product picture represents the true nature of the product. To ensure having a profitable business, giving extra care of the products images and adding a sufficient description is a primary requisite to convince customers to buy the products. The product picture on your website should be professional, elegant, and tempting, preferably with a white background to shed more focus on it.


While, if your image lack clarity and good quality, you won't succeed in selling your product or attracting customers. 



7. Inadequate Description

A product description is just as important as a product picture. A brief description of the product's features discourages customers from buying the product. Also using a similar definition for every product makes the description loses its aim as well. To have a wider customer circle and earn more profits, invest more time looking after the product description. i.e. describing the main features of the product in sufficient detail will extraordinarily enhance your rate in Search Engines and give customers a bright image of trust in your website.


8. Neglecting Promotions and Marketing 

Promotions are an unavoidable component of any online store. If you don't have enough marketing campaigns or advertising techniques in place to entice buyers, the customers will lose interest in the website. Therefore, always keep your website live, encouraging, and full of surprises and offers to ensure better sales.


A shortage in appealing promotions and ads may hinder you from shedding light on your e-commerce website and the successful branding of your image, leaving you with limited profits and scaling opportunities. If you don't have social media campaign managers or social engine optimizers in your team, hire the best ones. The age of branding has arrived. A strong online presence is more effective than having a hundred stores.


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