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What is Boraq

BORAQ Solutions are considered a state-of-the-art in business solutions and media productions that will make your business grow effectively. We tend to find the fittest strategic solutions to your enterprise. Our highly talented and skilled team will use their creativity and unique innovation to step your business up by turning your vision into a reality in the most original way.

Our Vision

To be the leading apps and media services company in Turkey & the Middle East.

Our Mission

To produce easy-to-use, attractive and high-quality websites, applications & media that follow the international standards and state of the art technologies using local expertise.



We vouch to build high-quality and easy-to-use solutions promptly by utilizing state-of-the-art solutions.


We ensure full transparency and integrity in our business dealings as we believe those values maintained our repute and customers’ trust.


We encourage creativity in our workspace to achieve distinguished ideas as we believe that innovation is integral to futuristic applications.


We carefully crafted a reliable workflow to execute our development plans with the highest software quality standards.

Great Team

Human resource is a fundamental part of our company and one of its trademarks. Therefore, we ensure to retain specialized and experienced team members that can overcome technological challenges.

One Family

Our team’s coherence and unity are the keys to our success. We, as a professional team, can better accomplish our mission and achieve our values.


We are an international young team who aspires to become the leader of business solutions and media productions, and we are pleased to take the initiative with you. Our mission is to take your business to the next level developing it from different angles: Management, IT or Media Marketing. We have got what you need all in store in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Meet our teams!

Our Clients


Would you like to be a part of a new family and a motivating environment? Would you like to kick off your career with us? Then, check out the available position that suits you! We cannot wait to meet you!

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